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a■nd innovation," ■Li said.Foreig◆n investment in ●China hit a new h●igh of 877.56 b〓illion yuan ($136.7■ billion) in 201◆7, up by 7.9 percen○t year-on-y

ea○r, according to the ●Ministry of■ Commerce.〓It was also ○decided at t●he meeting that◆ investmen◆t facilita〓tion will be● enhanced based ◆on internationa〓l standards. The n●egative list in t●he market access of〓 foreign investor●s will be revised 〓and released before■ July 1.Pro

v●incial governme◆nts will b◆e given the authorit●y to set up or alt●er the businesse

s status as Dolor Sit

s o○f foreign-inv◆ested enterprises● with total in■vestment of $1 bill◆ion or les○s. Filing require●ments in the■ pilot program ◆will be relaxed to ◆give

eligible m◆ultinational compani●es greater flexibili●ty in managing● their foreign c◆urrency capita〓l in China.Permittin○g procedures for ●foreign tal○ent will be s■implified,■ and eligible fore○ign employees● hired by en●terprises registered■ in China wil◆l get work ◆visas withi○n two workd〓ays.Li call〓ed for a s■ense of urgency in a■ttracting for●eign investm◆ent, including bigge○r steps in ex●panding openin●g-up and tackling pr●otectionis●m.It also was de●cided that t●he legitim●ate interests ◆of foreign◆ investors will be■ better pr●otected. All i〓nfringements, co○unterfeiting, ●violations of comme◆rcial

secrets and 〓"trademark squ○atting" wi●ll be severely d○ealt with. The ■compensation○ ceiling fo○r intellectual ●property infring●ements will b○e significantly ■raised. Develop◆ment zones〓 at national leve〓ls will be encou○raged to lead○ efforts to better a◆bsorb foreign〓 investmen●t.More pol●icy support in ●credit lines, l〓and use and s●ocial securi●ty will help red〓uce business costs.〓 Foreign investors ●will be enc〓ouraged to invest mo◆re in centr〓al and western r◆egions and ●in sectors li●ke modern agricul●ture, ecological ◆prese

rvation,■ advanced manufactu●ring and mo◆dern services."We● need to aim h●igher in at

l and


tracting■ foreign investment●. We should ra●ise our innovation ◆capacity in the ne○w round of opening-○up and see that a■ll intellectual prop●erty is fully pr〓otected. No forced t〓echnology tran■sfer will ever● be imposed on● foreign-in○vested enterprises a◆nd IPR infri〓ngements will b○e penalized t●o the ful


l extent o○f the law,■" Li said.Please s■can the QR Code● to follo

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